Spring 2016

  HA 290.2 | CCN: 05187 | 4 Units

Mellon Exhibition Graduate Seminar: Berkeley Collects!

Margaretta Lovell, Patricia Berger,


This seminar continues the work of the fall 2015 Mellon Exhibition Graduate Seminar (HA 290.1) and is open (only) to the enrollees in that earlier class. Drawing on the University’s vast collections of extraordinary objects that range from natural history and ethnographic materials to ancient texts and many kinds of art, the students will continue their in-depth research on select collections and the collector-donors whose generosity has enriched the institution over the last 150 years.  Students will continue in their role as joint curators, arranging for the loans of the objects they selected in the fall term, working on the design of the exhibit’s components, crafting label copy, writing press releases and brochure text, as well as orchestrating the opening and symposium showcasing their original research in May 2016.