Fall 2015

  HA 192F | CCN: 05109 | 4 Units

Undergraduate Seminar: Art and Evolution

Imogen Hart

Th 9-12P, 425 DOE LIBRARY

This course explores the profound effect of evolutionary theory on modern art in Europe and the United States. Artists explored new ideas about sexual selection, the struggle for existence, the relationship between humans and animals, the expression of the emotions, metamorphosis in nature, and the purpose of beauty. Classes will focus on diverse case studies including Frederick Church's landscape paintings, Odilon Redon's symbolist prints, Louis Sullivan's architectural ornament, and Gustav Klimt's art nouveau decoratiom. During the semester we will consider the theories of evolutionists such as Charles Darwin and discuss questions of aethetics, race, colonialism, gender, and sexuality.

This course fulfills the following Major requirements: Geographical areas (A) or (C) and Chronological period (III).