Spring 2015

  HA 190G | CCN: 05097 | 4 Units

American Architecture: The U. C. Berkeley Campus

Margaretta Lovell,

MWF 11-12P, 201 GIANNINI

Upper Division Lecture: C) Americas; III) 1800-present. This course takes as its subject the U. C. Berkeley campus as a product of many disparate visions about the nature of the institution and the role of the built environment in instruction and in envisioning a landscape of learning. Our emphasis will be on the core campus buildings, those built between 1880-1930, and especially those designed by John Galen Howard, Bernard Maybeck, and Julia Morgan. Each student will become expert on several buildings, and will serve as guide for a public campus architectural tour scheduled for April. In the final weeks of the course we will look at the additions and changes to the campus that occurred between 1930 and the present. There are no prerequisites although some knowledge of architecture will be useful.  

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