Fall 2014

  HA 10 | CCN: 04880 | 4 Units

Introduction to Greek, Roman, and Medieval Art

Andrew Stewart, Diliana Angelova,

MWF 9-10A, 102 MOFFITT

This introduction to the arts of ancient Greece, Rome, Byzantium, and Medieval Europe is designed for newcomers to the history of art and/or to the study of these cultures. The lectures will survey 2500 years of Greek, Roman, Byzantine, and Medieval art and architecture both chronologically and thematically. Participants will learn to acquire the perceptual, historical, and critical skills necessary to analyze, understand, and interpret the artworks in their historical and social/political contexts. Sections taught by graduate student instructors will discuss and analyze selected artworks in greater depth, and allow students to develop their own historical, perceptual, and critical skills. Wherever possible, new discoveries will be illustrated and discussed.