Summer 2013

  HA 11 | CCN: 14645 | 4 Units

Introduction to Western Art: Renaissance to the Present

MTuWTh 1-3P, 150 GSPP

 Session D (Second 6-week session): July 8– August 16, 2013

Three hours of lecture and one hour of discussion per week. Prerequisites: May follow 1B or 10, though neither is required. Formerly 10B. This course is an introduction to the historical circumstances and visual character of Western art from the Renaissance to the present. Not a chronological survey, but an exploration of topics and themes central to this period. For example: What tasks did painting and sculpture perform in the past? For whom, and at whose expense? How do the rise of landscape painting, the cult of the artist, and the new emphasis on the nude relate to the emergence of modern society? Do stylistic labels like Classicism, Realism, Impressionism, and Modernism help us answer such questions? This course is recommended for potential majors and for students in other disciplines, both humanities and sciences.