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Mellon Initiative for Graduate Study in Curatorial Preparedness

Mellon Initiative for Graduate Study in Curatorial Preparedness and Object-Based Learning

Graduate students in History of Art at Berkeley have the option of participating in a three-year pilot program sponsored by the Mellon Foundation supplementing academic training with curatorial skills. Starting in the fall of 2013, graduate seminars will have more museum, collection, and site visits, and a new course will be offered on object analysis in museum conservation studios and sites of production.  Students will also have the opportunity to help produce an exhibition using Berkeley’s far-ranging object collections.   Additionally, each semester an advanced graduate student will have the opportunity to intern in a collection rich in the materials that form the focus of his or her special expertise. In Fall 2013 William Ma will be at the Peabody-Essex Museum in Salem, Massachusetts.  In Spring 2014 Laure Marest-Caffey will be at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, serving as Curatorial Intern.  She will be working on exhibition, acquisition, and research projects in the Department of Art of the Ancient World, Classical Section, as well as studying the MFA's remarkable collection of Hellenistic portrait gems, which are the focus of her dissertation.  The purpose of the Mellon initiative is to give students greater flexibility in career direction, and to enrich their art historical research with knowledge of materials and workmanship, with stronger links to museum collections and staff, and with a broader intellectual toolbox.


Image credit: Greek, Hellenistic Period, 2nd-1st century B.C, garnet, H: 27 mm, Francis Bartlett Donation of 1912, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

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